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UnDead Online coming for your braaaaaaaains

When it comes to zombies and gun-toting fun with friends, most people would probably immediately think of Left 4 Dead or perhaps Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare DLC. When it comes to MMOs, though, you've got limited choices for horror -- and many of them aren't even out yet! Today you have one more title to add to your listing of horror MMO games that are shambling toward you at some point in the future: UnDead Online.

This brain-splattered game is being developed by indie studio JumpCore Productions. The studio was formed in 2007 by Cameron Petty, who was part of the founding team behind Cryptic Studios. According to JumpCore, UnDead Online will be an episodic MMOFPS hybrid that will have its first showing at the upcoming Games Developer Conference in March. A statement released by Petty explains further; "Each episode of the FPS game series will tell the story of a character that exemplifies one of the character classes in the MMO game. The player will experience that character's journey from his or her previous existence into the post-Apocalyptic world brought to life in the UnDead Online MMO, while exploring the unique game play aspects of that character's class along the way."

Ultimately, we're glad to see another horror title planned for the MMO genre, and we will certainly be expectantly waiting to chew on the developers' brains about what we can look forward to in their game. In the meantime, the UnDead Online site and forums are awaiting the presence of any interested zombie hunters.

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