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Codemasters unveils Lord of the Rings Online hacked account program

Jef Reahard

With great playerbase numbers comes great security responsibility. Wait, no. That's not the movie metaphor we're looking for. How about keep it secret, keep it safe!

That's more like it, but unfortunately for some Lord of the Rings Online fans, the secret (and the safe) parts are being compromised as the free-to-play title sees a rise in hacked accounts to go along with its expanding user numbers. All hope is not lost, however, as Codemasters (LotRO's European publisher) has introduced a new Hacked Account Restart Program designed to assist victims and speed them back onto the road to Mordor.

The program has a few prerequisites, among them player support eligibility and GM verification of the actual account owner. Claims must also be filed within seven days of the security breach, and reimbursement methods will vary at Codemasters' discretion. You can read the official announcement on the Codemasters website, and you'll also want to check out Customer Service Manager Sincilbanks' blog entry on the subject.

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