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Metareview: Dead Space 2


Galactic handyman Isaac Clarke is back to cut the implements of death off Necromorphs before stomping on their heads. If you can keep your eyes open for the action-oriented horror, you'll have as good a time with the game as we did. But, we aren't the only voice in the interverse. Here's what others thought of the Visceral experience:
  • Giant Bomb (5/5): "Just like its predecessor, Dead Space 2 doesn't do anything especially new, it just does everything exceedingly well."
  • CVG (95/100): "Polished, sickening, satisfying and occasionally heart-testing, Dead Space 2 is undoubtedly the best horror adventure on Xbox 360 and PS3. It's the Resident Evil of this generation - and it'll leave you an emotional wreck."
  • Eurogamer (90/100): "The linearity and reliance on set-piece shocks can often make Dead Space 2 feel like a multi-million dollar Ghost Train ride at a funfair. Overuse of 'mash-the-A-button-to-escape-the-monster' moments jars with the more distinguished mechanics elsewhere."
  • IGN (90/100): "The shocking moments, the gruesome deaths, and the fun of playing through this experience again and again are what I took away from this one."
  • Game Informer (90/100): "Dead Space 2 is a monster of a sequel, offering bigger scares and more excitement than I expected. I enjoyed Isaac as a silent protagonist in the original game, and I find I like him even more now that he's found his voice."
  • Gamespot (85/100) "a campaign that simultaneously leaves you satisfied and eager for more, and intense multiplayer that gives you a great reason to keep coming back to this terrifying universe. Unless you're just plain chicken, this is a sci-fi horror adventure you definitely want to suit up for"

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