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'Oregon Trail' and 'Carmen Sandiego' coming to Facebook in Feb.


Please excuse us if a bit too much childlike excitement comes through in today's news that fresh takes on The Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? will be released for Facebook early next month. spotted a note revealing the two titles on developer Darius Kazemi's personal blog, where he expressed his own childlike excitement to have worked on them. "I loved both of these games as a kid (my favorites were Where in Space...? and Where in the USA...?), and one of the main reasons I took the job at Blue Fang was to get a chance to work on these awesome titles," Kazemi gushed.

Even better, trailers for both can be found after the break, revealing a bit about the titles' respective gameplay, as well as their launch dates -- February 2 for The Oregon Trail (with hunting, yes!) and February 9 for Carmen Sandiego. And both games, we must add, look totally awesome. We're starting to get worried about this whole "Facebook" thing.

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