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Samsung takes aim at Apple's notebook crown, projects 60 percent increase in laptop sales in 2011


Samsung has sought to take market share from all manner of iProducts over the years, and it seems the company is now shooting to steal Apple's MacBook thunder in 2011. Sammy sold ten million laptops in 2010 -- only 150,000 less than Jobs & Co. through the first nine months of the year -- and purportedly plans to move between sixteen and seventeen million portable machines in 2011. That is a massive increase in sales, but if the Korean company's 9 Series is an indication of what's to come, we can't say it's a completely unrealistic goal. Whether they move more product than Apple is still to be determined, but given its record Q4 earnings, there's no indication that the Cupertino crowd will be slowing down any time soon. Game on, fellas.

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