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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 'PlayStation' Phone manhandled again ... by Engadget

It's official: Sony Ericsson's so-called Xperia Play -- or, as we prefer to think of it, the PlayStation Phone -- is the worst gaming product reveal in the history of gaming product reveals. Sure, you might argue that the leaked PSP Go video was more damning (and more detailed!) but the quantity of Xperia Play leaks is nothing short of staggering.

First, it was just details and some pictures, but then came the Chinese gadget blogs and a series of hardware previews. And now, our gadget-loving kin at Engadget have somehow managed to procure a unit -- rumor has it Crash Bandicoot got drunk off Wumpa Fruit juice and left it on a barstool -- and they've put it through the paces, with a full writeup, gallery and videos.

Unfortunately for those of us more interested in video games than noise-cancellation mics, there's not much more info on the mysterious PlayStation Pocket app, or any feedback on those weird touch-based analog thumbsticks. Yup, it's another hardware reveal for a product that will live and die by its software library. While Sony is rumored to come clean on the relatively classified PSP2 tonight, the Xperia Play won't be getting officially unveiled until Mobile World Congress in just under three weeks. Way to stick to that plan, guys!

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