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'The Nintendo Project': Deep thoughts inspired by NES games


Phillip Sandifer's "The Nintendo Project" is billed as an "8-bit psychochronography," but it can just as easily be understood as "extremely random essays tangentially connected to NES games." Well, maybe "understood" is too strong a word. Basically, it's Chrontendo, but ... not.

Sandifer is playing through the licensed NES games in alphabetical order, 10-Yard Fight to Zombie Nation, and writing an essay for each that manages to be both stream-of-consciousness and in-depth -- but doesn't really manage to be about the actual game. The Defender of the Crown article is about tarot (what will the Taboo: The Sixth Sense post be about, then?), and the most recent article is a long riff on Doctor Who, Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Mario, inspired by Dr. Chaos. It beats having to actually talk about Dr. Chaos, we suppose.

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