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Portable Uncharted developed by Sony Bend, has 'camera mode'

Justin McElroy

You know how it is when new tech is announced. You let the magic of the moment get to you, the whimsy, and suddenly you're thinking all kinds of crazy things like, "Maybe Naughty Dog is developing the Uncharted NGP game they just showed off!" Sure, we realize in the light of day -- as we sweep up the glitter and take down the disco ball -- that we were just a little too hopeful last night. But luckily, the reality isn't too bad at all: Game Informer reports PortaDrake (working title [ours]) is being developed by Sony Bend (Logan's Shadow, Resistance: Retribution) with oversight from Naughty Dog.

Across the web, hands-on impressions of the game seem to be positive, with the "gimmicky" features (swipe the device's back to climb a rope?) either working better than expected or being ignored without incident. Also interesting: PortaDrake features a "camera mode" that lets you use NGP's motion-sensing tech to look around your environment and take photos. No word on connectivity with Uncharted 3 yet, but no one's ruling it out.

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