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World of Tanks kicks off European and North American open beta

Jef Reahard
Save has sounded the death knell for World of Tanks' closed beta, and the development team is putting on its game face as the free-to-play heavy-armor MMO rolls ever closer to release. The title's open beta is officially er... open, and the devs are inviting anyone and everyone to strap on a few tons of steel and participate. Registration is dependent upon your region, so make sure you visit the appropriate link (one for Europe and one for America) to sign up.

"We want to thank all those players who participated in the closed beta test and helped us make the game open to a bigger audience by reporting bugs and providing valuable feedback. Now it's time for us to further enhance and polish the game before its final release," says CEO Victor Kislyi via press release.

Learn more about World of Tanks at the official website, and don't forget to check out the new screenshots below as well as the open beta launch trailer after the jump.

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