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3DS eShop update actually available in May worldwide


Nintendo of Europe previously said that the 3DS firmware update containing the web browser and eShop functionality would be released as a day one patch -- which would suggest March 25, for Europe. But in the latest investor briefing released today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata offered a different timeline.

"The first system update is scheduled for late May," he said, "at almost the same time around the world." Iwata specified that this first update would add the eShop, web browser, and the DSi and 3DS software transfer function (which uses the eShop). Maybe Nintendo of Europe meant to say "day sixty-one"?

The eShop, he clarified, will offer not only DSiWare, downloadable 3DS software and Game Boy Virtual Console titles, but "trailers and demo versions like Nintendo Channel on Wii," as well as "3D Classics" -- updated retro games like the version of Xevious shown at E3.

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