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Another pitch for Black Ops 'First Strike' DLC


Next Tuesday, Activision will launch the "First Strike" of what CFO Thomas Tippl has called the company's "largest digital offering ever" of Call of Duty DLC in a single year. This first Black Ops map pack will be exclusive to Xbox Live, beginning February 1, for a limited time and will include four competitive multiplayer maps -- "Berlin Wall," "Discovery," "Kowloon" (pictured) and "Stadium" -- along with the Zombies mode map "Ascension."

For Xbox Live players, that means one last weeked with the same old maps, a prime opportunity for Activision to toss another pitch for next week's DLC (priced at $15). In the gallery below, you'll find the first screenshots of the map pack (with bonus zombie poster), and after the break you can catch an in-depth video preview of the new competitive maps, produced by Inside Xbox. Did you know that Kowloon is known as a "rule-breaker map?" Ohhh ... so that's where all those pirates got shipped off to, eh?

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