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Crysis 2 multiplayer demo coming to PC

Try not to be too jealous of your console-bound brethren, dear PC gamers. Though Xbox owners have been enjoying the Crysis 2 multiplayer demo since it went "Live" on Tuesday, you'll be able to get your hands on its Nanosuit-infused gameplay soon enough. Crytek announced the demo's PC release on Twitter, saying, "At this time, Crytek & EA are glad to confirm that we'll be releasing a pre-launch Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on PC! Stay tuned for details."

We'll let you know when said details emerge -- until then, we suggest you start planning what types of enhancements you want built into your super-powered soldier. Ours, for instance? He can jump really high, withstand a lot of bullets, and also, he's a very proficient public speaker.

[Thanks, Sang]

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