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iConnectivity presents iConnectMIDI at Macworld 2011


I stopped by the iConnectivity booth here at Macworld because I'd heard about a zero-latency MIDI-to-iOS hub they were releasing. As you'll see in the video below -- at least for musicians with MIDI elements in their kit -- it was worth the stop! Using CoreMIDI (iOS 4.2 only), the iConnectMIDI unit can provide a connection between multiple (up to eight) MIDI sources (both legacy DIN and USB->MIDI) and your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or even a Mac or Windows desktop. In the demo they set up, there were several controllers all playing different instruments through a third-party iPad app (Music Studio, US$14.99), with an additional iPod touch controlling pitch bend on the bass through its accelerometer. Pretty neat.

The unit will ship in April for under $200, and we'll be bringing you a hands-on review in February. More information on the device can be found at the iConnectMIDI website.

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