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Retro iPhone case adds Gordon Gekko style

David Quilty

Miss out on living in the 1980's with the big hair and the white-washed jeans? Don't fret -- now you can bring a little bit of 80's flash to 2011 with this Gordon Gekko-style iPhone case from Thumbs Up. Brought to our attention by Gizmodo, this "80's Phone" iPhone case is carefully designed to make your slim and sleek device a large, bulky conversation piece capable of making your acquaintances believe you are a time traveler from the past -- or simply the exact opposite of an early adopter.

While many clever iPhone cases have been making the rounds lately, like this Apple Newton case or this Etch-a-Sketch one, the "80's Phone" case takes the cake for me as a specialty case because it's modeled after phones that people actually used 20-30 years ago. Priced at around US$20, it would be a rather funny gag gift for your favorite iPhone owner. However, after living through the 80's and still having nightmares about phones that big, I myself may have to stick to one of the new iPhone cases that our own Victor Agreda, Jr. saw at CES a few weeks ago.

[via Gizmodo]

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