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Steam copies of Cloning Clyde available this spring, Ancients of Ooga to follow


NinjaBee's pleasantly odd combination of platforming and genetic duplication, Cloning Clyde, which originally saw release on Xbox Live Arcade in 2006, will finally arrive on the PC via Steam this spring. The company hasn't offered a specific date or price, unfortunately, but did confirm that the game's follow-up, Ancients of Ooga, would also be available on Valve's service "shortly after." We're hoping both games get the Steam Play treatment so they include a Mac copy, too.

Speaking of copy, you can read the full press release after the break.

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Cloning Clyde to Multiply, Coming to Steam
Indie Devs NinjaBee and Bacon Wrapped Games Ink Deal with Steam

OREM, Utah - Jan. 28, 2011 - Indie game studios Bacon Wrapped Games (formerly J. Kenworthy Entertainment) and NinjaBee have announced they have reached agreements to bring two of their popular Xbox Live Arcade titles to Steam. The first of which, Cloning Clyde, will arrive on the online gaming service in early 2011.

Since the game's release in the early days of Xbox Live Arcade, Cloning Clyde has become a fan favorite among many Xbox gamers - officially entering XBLA's "Arcade Hits" collection last year.

"I don't think I'm wrong in saying that Cloning Clyde has become somewhat of a cult classic on Live Arcade," said John Nielson, founder of Bacon Wrapped Games. "For a platformer it has some really original, funny gameplay mechanics. Combine that with the game's theme, and humor, and personality and you get something that's refreshingly fun. And now we get to bring it to Steam."

A side-scrolling platformer, Cloning Clyde stars an unfortunate hero with multiplying problems. Clyde is the victim of a cloning experiment gone wrong who awakes to find himselves trapped in a fortress-like cloning facility. Players control Clyde and his clone brothers, switching between bodies to solve puzzles and find their way to safety. Though, occasionally players must cross-clone Clyde with monkeys, frogs, barrels of TNT, etc. to overcome obstacles - all while fighting past exploding mutant chickens and security robots.

Cloning Clyde's spiritual successor, Ancients of Ooga, was released on XBLA in July 2010 and will follow Cloning Clyde to Steam shortly after its release. Both games were developed jointly by Bacon Wrapped Games (then J. Kenworthy Entertainment) and NinjaBee.

A release date and price for the PC version of Cloning Clyde are not yet available.

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