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TUAW's Daily App: Cashish


Whenever we TUAW bloggers all get together, we tend to pass around our favorite iPhone apps of late, and this week at Macworld has been no exception. Last year at WWDC, Victor Agreda recommended Taxi Magic, and this year at Macworld, our own Mike Rose told me about Cashish, a financial app with about as narrow a purview as they come. The idea of Cashish is that it tracks your available cash, as simply and as quickly as possible. You may think it's not too necessary to use a whole app to keep track of what's in your pocket, but Cashish not only tracks what's there, but what goes out and where it goes to as well.

Every time you spend some cash, you can track how much it was (the app wisely doesn't get involved in the details and just sticks to whole dollars), assign it to a category, and the app will help you monitor your spending over the last week or month. If you (like me) often pull out money and then wonder just where it goes off to, Cashish will help you figure that out -- and maybe even make sure you stay a little more judicious when dropping the dollars.

Plus, it's completely free, so you won't have to drop even a single penny on it. Excellent little app -- it's very focused on just the one task, but it does that one task quite well.

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