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Paypal accounts for World of Warcraft gold sellers now on notice

Blizzard recently took action to hit World of Warcraft gold sellers right where it hurts: Their wallets. Well, the online services they use to transfer intangible funds from other people's wallets to their wallets, but you know what we mean. The developer has successfully petitioned Paypal to issue notices to the major names in gold selling, warning them that if they didn't stop selling WoW's virtual currency for non-virtual currency, their accounts would be irreversibly suspended.

Paypal appears to accept Blizzard's argument that these sales represent an intellectual property violation -- though this area has proven nebulous in the past, as suggested by the WoW Glider lawsuit from last year. Regardless, we hope they find some success with this venture. We don't understand why people can't earn gold the honest way: By buying everything off of the auction house and selling it back for three times its original price.

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