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Warhammer Online producer's letter hints at major forthcoming features

Jef Reahard

The first Warhammer Online producer's letter of 2011 is hot off the virtual presses, and Bioware-Mythic's RvR title has a few changes in store for the upcoming year. First and foremost, Carrie Gouskos has given way to James Casey when it comes to authoring the producer's letter, and Casey states that Gouskos is "still working on WAR, but is looking at a different aspect of the game. This new focus will be revealed in due time."

As far as WAR itself, 2011 will see what Casey calls major features in each of its numbered patches. These features include the expansion of existing areas "as well as new concepts to the Warhammer Online experience." No concrete details are forthcoming as of yet, but Casey does hint at further reveals in upcoming producer's letters.

Finally, the letter takes a brief look at WAR's live events, upcoming account entitlements, and the ongoing issues with server population. Casey doesn't commit to any news on server merges but does state that "we are actively discussing our plans for lower population servers."

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