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Boxee names Viewster as first global VOD provider, still no word on Netflix


It looks like Boxee may be punting its deadline for Netflix integration again, but it did throw global users a small bone via a new partnership with Viewster to add "premium VOD content." If the Viewster brand doesn't ring a bell, don't worry, we didn't know much about it either. A little sleuthing on its parent company site, though, revealed the service provides access to hit movies and TV shows (some in 720p), as well as day-and-date releases and ad-supported content "wherever possible." The site also boasts the library has 5,000 plus titles, licensed from over 100 suppliers like iTunes, Hulu, Sony, and ironically Netflix -- but that includes short content clips too. Naturally, we wanted to check out available titles for ourselves, but quickly learned that the library can only be browsed on Viewster-compatible devices after registering and providing payment details upfront, which set our scheme sensors a ringin'. Specifics on when Viewster access will appear on Boxee or what pricing will be like is also unknown, so for now feel free to join us in being vaguely underwhelmed after reading the full PR below.

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Viewster named as Boxee's first global premium VOD provider

Viewster, the premium digital movie and TV content service from DIVA AG, has been announced as the first global provider of premium VOD content to red-hot US-based global social media platform, Boxee.

Boxee's free software allows viewers to use their personal computer, or Boxee's own Boxee Box with a connected HDTV, to aggregate and search internet-based media and apps, premium OTT VOD and their own, locally located libraries of video, pictures, and music, all via one interface.

Viewster will be Boxee's first global premium VOD provider, and also its first 3D provider outside the US

"Right now, Boxee is one of the hottest and most exciting development in media distribution and consumption," said Jörg Boksberger, CTO and co-founder of Viewster's parent company, DIVA AG. "Boxee is the first stand-alone application to fully satisfy the user's desire to be able to pull up their photos, their music, their home videos, their own movie library or a piece of high quality VOD content like a hit movie or TV show, using one tool on one machine. It does all of this with proper regard for the rights of the contenty owners. At a corporate level, Boxee Inc and DIVA AG have an enormous amount in common. At a service level, Viewster is the perfect VOD partner for Boxee."

Viewster content appeal set to further boost Boxee success

More than a million people have downloaded Boxee's free software, or purchased the Boxee Box, since its launch last June. The software aggregates high quality VOD movies and TV shows into one place with streaming content from websites like Netflix, MLB.TV, Comedy Central, Pandora,, and flickr, and a user's own movies, music, photos and local media. It's success, however, is attributable in no small part to its interface, especially optimised for TV and remotes, which provides universal choice and control without leaving the sofa.

Boxee users add Viewster's impressive catalogue to one-stop experience.

Viewster provides access to DIVA AG's extensive catalogue of classic and current Hollywood movies and award-winning independent films and TV series. The company adds further action, comedy, thriller and other popular genre new release movies (abd TV series) on a continuous basis. Approximately 20 percent of the catalogue is refreshed each year, adding a consistently varied and exciting choice of viewing for Boxee users.

Wherever possible, consumers using Viewster through Boxee will be able to view day and date releases and free, advertising supported content.

Boxee users in expatriate communities will be also gain favourite minority content, with Viewster providing access to the best Turkish, Russian and Arabic movies and drama series.
Vestel and DIVA AG sign universal Viewster deal.

Vestel and DIVA AG sign universal Viewster deal.

Digital movie content distributor DIVA AG has announced a global deal with Europe's largest manufacturer of TV sets and related consumer electronics devices, Vestel Group.

Under the deal Vestel, which manufactures around 7 million units a year under some 100 retail brandnames, will carry DIVA's Viewster VoD application in over 100 different territories.

"We are delighted to partner with Vestel Group,", said Richard Ganter, SVP Partner Alliances at DIVA AG. "Vestel has an unrivalled portfolio of consumer electronics brands offering connected devices, and we will be making available DIVA's very best multi-language video on demand TV content to them. All of Vestel Groups TV consumer segments and brands will benefit from Viewster's high quality day and date releases and outstanding catalogue movie content."

Viewster first VoD partner for Vestel.

The Viewster deal makes DIVA AG Vestel Group's first VoD partner, at a key strategic time for the company.

Vestel will ship DIVA's Viewster offering on its branded connected devices as of January 2011 in more than 40 countries across Europe, where Vestel's goods account for some 16% of the LCD TV market and some 25% of the digital set-top-box market.

Hakan Kutlu, Deputy Director for Vestel Group commented, "This agreement with DIVA AG offers us immediate access to high quality, multi-language movie and TV content across all relevant territories. DIVA is an outstanding and fast moving company that will ensure our customers can enjoy the very best content whenever they wish, and wherever they are."

Viewster's impressive benefits set for Vestel customers.

DIVA controls an extensive catalogue of classic and current Hollywood movies and award-winning independent films and TV series, adding action, comedy, thriller and other popular genre new release movies (along with further TV series) on a continuous basis. The company refreshes some 20 percent of its catalogue each year, with each title being offered for at least 3 months, promising a consistently varied and exciting choice of viewing for Vestel customers.

Wherever possible, consumers purchasing branded connected TV's, set top boxes and other devices made by Vestel will also be able to enjoy Viewster's day and date releases and free, advertising supported, content.

Additionally, Vestel connected equipment users belonging to expatriate communities will now be able to locate and view favourite minority content, with Viewster providing access to the best Turkish, Russian and Arabic movies and drama series.


About Diva

Founded in 2007, DIVA AG is a privately held company based in Zurich, Switzerland with offices in San Jose, Berlin, New York, Paris and London. Through its DIVA Pro brand, the company is a leading supplier of movies, TV series and short form contents, delivering content to video on demand platforms and connected devices globally. DIVA's customers are over-the-top platforms, IPTV operators and device manufacturers in Asia, Europe, Middle East and the USA. The content focus is on award-winning films, true classics and genre content. Content management, normalisation, secure delivery and reporting are handled by DIVA's proprietary software platform. DIVA's direct to consumer service, Viewster, launched in beta during November 2010, and will formally go live with all features in Q1 2011.

About Vestel

The Vestel Group is composed of 25 companies operating in manufacturing, technology development, marketing, and distribution fields in the consumer electronics, digital technologies, and household appliances, with EUR 3.7 billion turnover. Vestel is the largest TV manufacturer in Europe accounting for 16% of the LCD TV, as well as 25% of the digital set-top boxes markets in Europe.

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