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Cataclysm Dungeon Screenshot Contest announced


Blizzard is all about the contests these days, and that's pretty awesome. The newest contest is the Cataclysm Dungeon Screenshot Contest, where players can enter screenshots of their most amazing or favorite dungeon moments and win Cataclysm prize packages worth over $450, with prizes from Steelseries and Jinx!

For this contest, you're going to need to post your dungeon screenshots to the Steelseries or JINX! Facebook pages. The contest ends on Feb. 4, so get cracking.

Players often immortalize their most amazing in-game moments with a screenshot. Now you can share your favorite Cataclysm dungeon moment with the world and win epic loot from SteelSeries and J!NX in the process! Enter the Cataclysm Dungeon Screenshot contest for a chance to win one of four fantastic Cataclysm prize packs valued at over $450. Just post a screenshot of your most amazing dungeon crawl moment on the SteelSeries or J!NX Facebook pages to enter. Four winners will be selected, but you'll have to act soon, as the contest only runs from January 31 through February 4. Good luck!

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