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City of Lights becomes City of Openness as ParisData goes live

Tim Stevens

Paris is a city of many things, things like great wine, sweet romance, and towers that looked much bigger in pictures. Now it's also a city of open data. ParisData has launched, home to the "open data policy of the City of Paris." Here you'll find reams and reams of bits and bytes from the city's various municipal organizations, all released in the "spirit of transparency and open innovation." All is licensed ODbL, which is free to share and adapt so long as it stays open and stays attributed. What sort of data is there? Not an awful lot at this point, if we're honest, a few random lists of names and some other files, all quite naturally in French. But, we did find an interesting map listing locations of public parks and sidewalks, which René-Luc D'Hont used to create the mash-up above. We don't really understand all of it, but we're thinking the dark green dots are cafes and the lighter green bits no-smoking areas.

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