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IGF 2011 audience voting now open


Voting for the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Audience Award (i.e. the Popularity Contest Award) is now open to the masses ... who will likely end up picking Minecraft, we surmise, based on our own comprehension of basic math. Hopefully, those other indies have good marketing and PR departments ... what?

Unlike previous years, the IGF Audience Award is available to any game chosen as a finalist, not just the ones with public PC demos. The reasoning, noted by IGF Chairman Brandon Boyer, is that many of the games have been available at other events, or have beta and other versions that fans may have checked out.

Voting will be open until midnight (Pacific) on Friday, February 18. At a minimum, for the sake of humoring some idea of competition, please try the other "available" game demos before just voting for Minecraft.

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