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iOS Safari receiving Google Instant Previews support

David Quilty

Formerly only for desktop browser searches, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Google "Instant Previews" is being rolled out for mobile Safari users as well. This new service allows iOS Safari users to get a quick visual preview of sites within their search results without having to actually click through and wait for the pages to load. Previews of search results are displayed like a slideshow, allowing users to flick through the different pages in typical iOS fashion. Google has not formally announced the new feature yet and not every device has it as of this writing -- my own iPhone included.

We first saw Google's Instant search service for iOS devices back in November, but this new "Instant Previews" version is definitely a step up from simply seeing textual search results appear as you type your queries. I am sure there will be fans and detractors of this new search preview, but do tell us -- is it live for you yet on your iOS device?

[via Gizmodo]

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