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Macworld Expo 2011: Algoriddim djay for iPad demo, featuring Doc Rock


When TUAW bloggers set up interviews at a big trade show like Macworld Expo, they often try to align the interviews with their personal interests. However, I somehow ended up with Algoriddim on my Macworld dance card, and I know nothing about being a disc jockey.

Fortunately, I had a talented professional deejay on hand to help test the software -- Doc Rock, a regular on the TUAW Talkcast and TUAW TV Live. Doc got the lowdown on the US$19.99 djay app from Frederic Seifert of Algoriddim, learning how it works with the iTunes library on an iPad and displays two virtual turntables for syncing and scratching.

Doc has used the Mac version of djay ($49.99) before, and was impressed with the power and portability of the iPad flavor. Whether it will replace his existing setup at deejay gigs throughout Hawaii or not is another question, but he was definitely happy with the iPad app. Check out the video on the next page.

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