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Macworld Expo 2011: IK Multimedia's iRig Mic, iRig and iKlip


It's not often that we actually get to use a product to create a video of an interview, but that's exactly what happened last Friday when I interviewed Starr Ackerman of IK Multimedia about the company's products for musicians. I had neglected to put the SDHC card back into my video camera before the interview, so we were forced to record it using my iPhone 4 and the new iRig Mic.

While it's not shipping yet, the iRig Mic (US$59) features a high-quality condenser mic along with a special adapter that plugs into the headphone jack on any iOS device. The adapter has an output port so that you can monitor the recording that's going on. That's not all you get; the mic will also ship with a copy of VocaLive, a real-time effects processor suite for vocalists, as well as AmpliTube for songwriters and guitarists. The iRig Mic works just fine with most other recording apps, including the iPhone's built-in camera app.

Starr also discussed iRig, which is designed as a musical instrument interface for guitarists and bass players, and the cool iKlip ($39.99), a microphone stand adapter for iPad. You can check out the video (which I unfortunately filmed in portrait mode on the iPhone) on the next page.

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