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Netgear CEO has harsh words for Steve Jobs' "ego"


At a recent launch in Sydney, Australia, Netgear CEO Patrick Lo criticized Steve Jobs, suggesting that it's Jobs' "ego" that keeps Flash off of iOS devices."What's the reason for him to trash Flash?" Lo said. "There's no reason other than ego." Apple's staunch refusal to run Flash on its iOS devices has also caused friction with Adobe.

Lo also discussed the closed nature of the iPhone, noting that the tight control Apple keeps around all of its products is the very thing that will increase Android's popularity. "Ultimately a closed system just can't go that far ... If they continue to close it and let Android continue to creep up then it's pretty difficult as I see it."

Additionally, Lo commented on a future Apple without Jobs at the helm."Once Steve Jobs goes away, which is probably not far away, then Apple will have to make a strategic decision on whether to open up the platform," said Lo.

Sounds to us like Lo ate a bowl of sour grapes this morning. That bit about Steve's departure from Apple being "probably not far away" is especially unsavory to us. Why so defensive, Mr. Lo?

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