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ABC's Sync iPad app is getting revived for Grey's Anatomy (update)


Reincarnation may not be part of everyone's belief system, but ABC has apparently embraced the concept for its eavesdropping Sync iPad app, which blipped in and out of existence after My Generation failed spectacularly last fall. At least that's what Rick Mandler, vice president of digital media at ABC, shared at Hill Holiday's TVnext conference, stating, "we went back and said, let's try this again with a show that we know is going to be around for a while." Now, the app is being called away from the pearly gates to serve as an iPad companion for Grey's Anatomy and presumably will operate much like the original, by providing synced polls, quizzes, and social media ties-in -- you know, playing into that whole three screens trend. There's also no word on whether the app will receive a makeover befitting of its new McSteamy / Dreamy subject matter, or when this revival will actually take place. If ABC really wants this new media interaction experiment to go differently this time, though, we expect to learn more from an intense voice talking over flashes of frantic gurney races and risque locker room encounters sometime soon.

Update: Disney / ABC Television group has now made an official announcement about the application. Apparently, the latest iteration will launch with this Thursday's episode and includes new features such behind-the-scenes extras as well as the ability to "check-in" to special environments shown in the episode. In other words, our dreams of hopping on the same elevator with McDreamy can come true virtually -- and best of all, we can let the world know through Facebook. To see what we mean check out the video after the break.

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