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GMC's SATIMO ATS system spins a Denali right round to ensure proper antenna placement (video)

Tim Stevens

As a certain company knows quite well, finding the right place to put an antenna can be harder than it looks. Rather than just slap one on the roof and call it a day, General Motors has installed the SATIMO ATS, a near-field antenna testing system of the sort we're used to spying in all those FCC photos. This one, however, is SUV-sized, as you can see in the video below. Workers for the General can drive a GMC Yukon Denali onto a turntable and spin it all around while 103 sensors test antenna placement, creating a 3D rendering of the resulting performance. It was the first such system in the world and will be the perfect place for our next Faraday rave.

Update: We got an e-mail from SATIMO, the company behind this system, with pictures of a few other automotive installations, one for Renault and one for Peugeot. Both in France, and both pictured below for your browsing enjoyment.

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