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Sony explains the discrepancy in PS1 content between regions

Few things in this world make us angrier than the blatant inequality between the PSOne Classics catalog in the various territories said catalog is available. Sure, each region has titles which the others don't -- we're still waiting on, like, a billion Square Enix games -- but it still hurts our heart, you know? Sony's Ross McGrath recently popped into PlayStation.Blog to explain how easy it is for these games to get hung up, whether it's due to an expired license, PAL-to-NTSC compatibility or the existence of game-wrecking bugs.

McGrath added, "In some cases the original publisher of the game in the US is not the same publisher as in Europe, so publishing rights need to be secured," which some publishers aren't willing to invest in. Doesn't sound like there's much Sony can do about those -- however, the PSOne Classics emulator is constantly being updated, which should help a few of the platform's buggier titles become eligible for some trans-continental voyages.

Related note: The amount of money we would give Sony for a downloadable version of Vagrant Story has reached $80. That's where we're at.

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