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EVE's Industrial Sized Knowledgebase guide gets a makeover


Of all the MMOs on the market today, EVE Online has perhaps one of the steepest learning curves. This is something the game's developer, CCP Games, has been trying to tackle through improved tutorials and updates to the new player experience. While CCP makes progress on that front, the EVE player community has made its own efforts in helping new players by producing helpful guides and tools. Last year, EVE players Laci and Mermalior released the impressive Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase guide, an exhaustive guide to practically everything in EVE. The guide was translated from its popular Hungarian version and released online for free as a PDF download.

Good news came last month when the publishers of EON magazine announced that they were teaming up with Laci and Mermalior to produce an updated print version of the guide. The first part of that work is now complete, with the MMM Publishing team having updated the guide with information from the Incursion expansion and given it a huge graphical overhaul. The guide has now been laid out with MMM's signature EVE style, and the PDF now has a very professional navigation system. As promised, the updated guide is available completely for free as a PDF download. A printed version will be available at some point in the future, which will be sold on the EVE store.

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