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Finally, an arcade stick for the fashion-conscious


Are arcade sticks too gaudy and affordable for you? You're the target audience for the utterly implausible "Hoon vs. Neo Legend" arcade stick, designed by Hoon, a Parisian jewelry and leather clothing company, in collaboration with the "arcade shop" Neo Legend. The stick is built by hand out of "lacquered oak wood and corners cased in ostrich leather" and contains hardware made by trusted Japanese arcade parts company Sanwa Denshi. It's designed for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

The sticks will be available both from the Neo Legend store and from Hoon's website on February 18. If you have so much money that you can confidently buy electronics from a fashion designer without knowing the price, Hoon is currently accepting pre-orders by email request. And for the rest of you, we've inquired as to the price -- and we'll be sure to share the shocking news when it comes in.

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