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Gaijin Games' 'laserlife' on hold, will 'probably' go to Move/Kinect

Justin McElroy

We were really intrigued by the concept video for Gaijin Games' laserlife (see it for yourself just after the break), a game that allows you to relive a deceased astronaut's memories. In an interview with user Floppy, studio boss Alex Neuse dropped the equally intriguing tidbit that, if completed, the game would likely be designed with Kinect or Move in mind. He added, "we've even toyed with bringing it to iPad."

Sadly, the project's on hold at the moment, but Neuse doesn't rule out returning to it later. We're keeping our fingers crossed, if only so we can see the part where the astronaut tries to get the Jupitarians out of their space dresses.

[Thanks, il giuda!]

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