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Gazillion and Netdevil's Fortune Online closed beta mystery

One of the things we love to do here at Massively is to point you to interesting MMO games on the horizon -- especially when it comes to signing up for beta testing! We figure since nerds of a feather flock together, you'd probably enjoy finding out about new games just as much as we do. That's why we admit being to a bit flummoxed by this one. You see, Gazillion Entertainment and Netdevil have just launched the website for their new browser-based game, Fortune Online, which currently offers only a login page or a sign-up for a closed beta spot. However, since you need a code to sign up, you can't currently get further into the site than this page, leaving us to look at its shiny graphics and wonder... what gaming goodness lies beneath?

Thankfully, Gazillion Entertainment sent us a pile of screenshots and a video to give us an idea of what the game will be like. Created to play in "any browser released in this century," Fortune Online is a lush, isometric, Diablo-esque action game offering the ability to play with friends in a persistent world. Even more interesting is that the game is flash-based, which will spare us from enormous downloads and give players the ability to jump in from just about any computer they can get access to. The game is also designed to allow ease in inviting friends to play with you. To top it all off? Fortune Online will be free-to-play! So while we wait for open beta, check out the gallery of screenshots below and the action-packed video behind the break! Or, you know, you can go look at the shiny site and click expectantly on the buttons like we did.

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