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Patch 1.15a live for Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

The latest pass of revisions to Final Fantasy XIV has just gone live, bringing another set of improvements requested by players. It's also the first installment of Naoki Yoshida's promise to bring patches out on a faster schedule, with the announcements having just hit the official site recently. As promised, the update brings with it further improvements to inventory space, the market wards, and the battle system, the last of which was highlighted just yesterday.

Inventory space has been helped notably by the increase of stack sizes for a variety of common materials, previously capped at stacks of 12 and now stacking to 99. Search results for the market wards have also been improved and streamlined, thus making it easier for players to sell their larger stacks of several items. The full list of patch changes are available for perusal, and while it's not everything promised for the near future in Final Fantasy XIV, it's a good first step.

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