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Star Trek Online marks first anniversary with in-game events, discounts, and new Feature Episode

Jef Reahard

Today marks the second straight day that a sci-fi MMO is having a birthday, and Star Trek Online is the title in the spotlight. Cryptic's deep-space extravaganza is celebrating its first anniversary with a new Feature Episode series, discounted C-Store offers (including 20% off lifetime subcriptions), and various in-game events.

Beginning today, members of Cryptic's dev team will be appearing in game to challenge players with trivia questions and give out exclusive rewards. The new episode series, sub-titled Cloaked Intentions, sees players tasked with preventing a civil war between factions of the Romulan Empire. The series spans five episodes, introduces a new ship type to STO, and carries the game's storyline beyond the year 2409. The new content kicks off on February 5th.

Finally, we've managed to beam a new anniversary retrospective video aboard the starship Massively, and you can check it out after the jump.

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