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iAds more effective than TV advertising, Nielsen finds


Nielsen is reporting, according to the results of a new survey, that Apple's iAds for Campbell's soup products were more than twice as effective as television advertising for the same product. Nielsen says that customers who saw ads for Campbell's in Apple's operating system were five times as likely to recall the brand name, and three times as likely to remember what the ad said. The iAd audience said they were likely to purchase the product five times more than the television audience.

Now, Nielsen admits that there could simply be demographic differences here -- the average television audience just may not be as engaged in the brand as the average iAd audience. But either way, results like these are good news for Apple's advertising platform, which we've heard anecdotally has been struggling a bit. Not only are developers not seeing the returns they'd like from the platform, but Apple has missed out on a few big deals with advertisers as well.

Results like these show that iAds definitely have a reason for their premium pricing, even if it is a matter of just making sure both audiences and advertisers are coming from the right angle. But premium priced products sold to a certain type of customer? Fortunately, Apple knows a little bit about how to do that.

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