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Top Xbox Live game launches of 2010


It's a curious way to organize data, but Microsoft's Major Nelson has posted the top Arcade and Indie games of 2010, based on "full versions purchased" during a game's first seven days of activity.

Topping the Arcade list is Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, which definitely owns its place as Capcom's "most dynamic sales weapon" ever. Capcom's other Dead Rising 2 standalone tie-in, Case West, also did some faaaaa-ntastic numbers, taking the seventh spot. Limbo, which was one of our top games of 2010, took the second spot, while the Perfect Dark refresh can be spied in third. Super Meat Boy, prime at five on our best of 2010, hunkered down on this list at spot 17.

In the Indie section, Baby Maker Extreme popped up in first place, followed by several games that have "Avatar" in the title. A game called Try Not To Fart also made it into the list. Check out the top 20 Arcade and Indie titles after the break.

Top Arcade Titles of 2010 (Based on full versions purchased during first week of release)

  1. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
  2. LIMBO
  3. Perfect Dark
  4. Toy Soldiers
  5. Monday Night Combat
  6. Deadliest Warrior
  7. Dead Rising 2: Case West
  8. X-Men Arcade
  9. Castlevania Harmony of Despair
  10. Plants vs Zombies
  11. Scott Pilgrim
  12. Sonic 4 Episode 1
  13. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  14. Blacklight: Tango Down
  15. Hydro Thunder Hurricane
  16. RISK Factions
  17. Super Meat Boy
  18. World of Keflings

Top Indie Games of 2010 (Based on full versions purchased during first week of release)

  1. Baby Maker Extreme
  2. Avatar Showdown
  3. Avatar Paintball
  4. Avatar Ninja!
  5. Avatar Racedrome
  6. Try Not To Fart
  7. Nuclear Wasteland
  8. Avatar Onslaught
  9. Yet Another Zombie Defense
  10. Zombie Estate
  11. Breath of Death VII
  13. Get Rich or Die Gaming
  14. Avatar Bumper Cars
  15. Avatar Meet Up Live!
  17. Shoot 1UP
  18. Toy Stunt Bike
  19. The Impossible Game
  20. So Many Girls So Little Time

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