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Toys R Us now distributing TV's Pikachu to your DS

Sure, you've probably caught plenty of Pikachu across the various generations of the Pokémon franchise, but have you ever added a celebrity Pikachu to your collection? Toys R Us is offering a chance for you to do just that from today through February 13 -- just stop by any participating location with any of the DS Pokémon games in tow, and you can download "Ash's Pikachu" directly to your roster.

What sets this particular instance of the electric rat apart from the others? Well, he possesses the same moveset as the Pikachu from the television show (Thunderbolt, Iron Tail and Volt Tackle, for interested parties) and generally has an air of authenticity you'll find lacking in your run-of-the-mill Pikachu. At least, it will until you delete those moves, replacing them with stronger abilities, then breed the little guy into oblivion hoping to get a Pichu with a favorable Nature, whom you can then EV train, evolve and level up until you have a lean, mean, Lv. 100 Raichu-killing-machine.

... We're sad that we know what all of those things mean.

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Pokémon and Nintendo Offering Limited Distribution of Ash's Pikachu
to Celebrate the Start of Pokémon: Black & White TV Series on Cartoon Network
BELLEVUE, WA - February 02, 2011 - As Ash and Pikachu prepare for their all-new adventures in the latest TV season, Pokémon: Black & White, head to participating Toys"R"Us stores in the United States and Puerto Rico now through February 13 for a special opportunity to bring Ash's Pikachu home on your Nintendo DS system. This special digital character distribution for the Pokémon™ Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver Version games celebrates the incredible friendship between Ash and Pikachu and the many future adventures they'll have together as they discover never-before-seen Pokémon throughout the Unova region in the new animation on Cartoon Network.

Details for receiving Ash's Pikachu:

What: Ash's Pikachu digital character distribution. This Pikachu knows moves like Thunderbolt, Iron Tail and Volt Tackle - just like Ash's on TV!

Where: Toys"R"Us stores nationwide.

When: Now through February 13.

How: Players must have a Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi or Nintendo DSi XL system and their own copy of the English language versions of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold or SoulSilver Versions video games (each sold separately).

Players must have acquired the Pokédex within their game.

Players must have no more than two Wonder Cards in their possession.

Visit participating U.S. or Puerto Rico Toys"R"Us stores during the designated distribution period.

Be sure to tune into Cartoon Network Saturday, February 12, at 9:00 a.m. for the two-episode premiere of Pokémon: Black & White!

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