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Film yourself playing Gods & Heroes to be immortalised in a trailer


When Perpetual Entertainment closed its doors in 2008, it seemed all hope of the MMO Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising being released was lost. Thankfully, the game was taken up by Heatwave Interactive early last year, and the studio has been pushing it to completion ever since. The game's closed beta is already underway, and the Gods & Heroes team is now offering beta-testers the chance to be featured in an upcoming official game trailer.

As part of her ongoing "First Friday" event series, Community Manager Donna "Danicia" Prior wants players to break out their webcams and film themselves playing the game. Rather than asking players to capture footage of in-game characters, the Gods & Heroes team wants to see what the player behind the character looks like.

An official in-game meet-up is happening today in Rome at the Forum Romanum from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST to help players partner up and come up with ideas. If you don't make it to the event, the devs at Heatwave Interactive still want to see footage of the player behind your character. For full details on how to enter and the required video specifications, head over to the official Gods & Heroes First Friday announcement.

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