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Homefront intro cuts Kim Jong-il images for Japanese market


After bringing Metro 2033 and Red Faction: Guerrilla to Japanese retailers, Spike has been tasked with adapting THQ's Homefront as well. Unlike the previous titles, however, Homefront's main themes clash with acceptable game content standards in the country, according to Japan's CERO game rating guidelines. In order to bring the game up to code, Spike has detailed three main changes on the game's official Japanese website (via Andriasang):

  1. In one live action sequence in the game's opening movie that depicts North Korean leader Kim Jong-il as having died, the image of Kim Jong-il has been removed.
  2. In scenes that have been deemed malicious to an existing country, said country is now referred to as 'A Certain Country to the North.'
  3. In scenes that have been deemed malicious to an existing person, said person is now referred to as 'Northern Leader.'
We've dropped edited and unedited versions of the game's opening after the break for comparison's sake. Glory in the Great Leader or not -- the choice is yours!

With Kim Jong-il:

Without Kim Jong-il:

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