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Runic talks Torchlight's future, not afraid of Diablo 3


Speaking to Gamasutra, Runic's Max Schaefer shared some insight on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Torchlight, as well as the PC version's impending sequel and the eventual Torchlight MMO. He noted that the most difficult part of adapting Torchlight for XBLA was redesigning the interface."You don't realize how much interface is in your game until you have to go and reinvent it," said Schaefer, noting that the team was taken "a little bit by surprise" at how much work was required. The team is "nervous" to see how players react to the game's transformation, though Schaefer said that the game "feels right," adding that many Runic staffers now prefer the Xbox version.

He also discussed Torchlight's comparisons to Diablo -- something he must be getting used to by now. Schaefer isn't worried about the upcoming arrival of Diablo 3. In fact, he embraces it, saying, "I only see it as a good thing." In fact, it sounds like Diablo 3 will give Runic some extra time to work, with Schaefer stating "it'll delay whatever we're working on for at least a month."

Regarding the Torchlight MMO, Runic is currently focusing on Torchlight 2, though the MMO is definitely still in the pipeline. According to Schaefer, the success of Torchlight has afforded Runic the ability to make "the right strategic move and not make any moves out of desperation."

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