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Sony looking to expand jailbreak lawsuit to more defendants


Geohot may soon have company while facing the wrath of Sony. George Hotz has had to defend himself in court against the company since the beginning of this year, as Sony attempts to track down all the hackers responsible for the now widely-available PS3 jailbreak. The problem, thus far, has been actually finding them.

According to documents retrieved by PSX-SCENE, the company is pursuing this information, subpoenaing sites like the recently-DMCA'd Github. Sony is requesting "all information and documents related to the use of your service(s) to register, create, maintain and/or use accounts associated with the user names "hermesEOL," "kakaroto," "waninkoko," and "grafchokolo."

Although it's unlikely this legal action will slow distribution of the jailbreak, Sony's actions send a very loud statement: "we're very angry, and we're coming for all you."

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