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SRS Labs iWow for iDevices: now with 3D!


SRS Labs pushed out the iWow adapter a couple of years ago to give your iDevice more sonorous tones, and now is has released a new product: the iWow 3D, for your audial enjoyment. SRS's latest offering still promises to "effectively and naturally restore the audio cues that are buried" in your music -- which seems a bit like a Rumplestiltzkin proposition to us -- through an included dongle and the free iWow app. The company provides little information on how the attachment spins sound straw into aural gold, but the idea of better bass response and richer sound from Apple's iPod may be suitable enough for us. Plus, the device is just $49.99 ($30 less than the OG version), or you can step up to the iWow 3D Combo package that adds five colored faceplates and earbuds for $69.99. No word on when it will go on sale (coming soon, according to SRS), so it looks as if you'll have to endure your drab, two dimensional music just a bit longer.

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