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Get Dead Space 2 dead cheap today [Update: PS3 version back in stock]


Looking for a discount on spacefaring scares? Amazon is offering Dead Space 2 on Xbox 360 today for $39.99 (the PS3 version has already sold out is back for now!), and $39.95 on PC, allowing you to get a sensible cost-per-unit on "holy craps." The retailer is also offering the Collector's Edition for $59.95 -- what you'd normally pay for the standard edition. PS3 copies of this edition are still available, and include a free Move-compatible Dead Space Extraction (as all first-run PS3 copies do), boosting the pants-wetting/money ratio even further.

This deal will expire at the end of the day or until Amazon runs out of copies, so if you're interested get it now or face the terrifying proposition that you'd have to pay more. That's the bad kind of scare.

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