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Louis Vuitton launches iPhone app


We've posted about Louis Vuitton's iPhone and iPad cases before -- they're the ones that are needlessly expensive, and often overly gaudy. But the luxury accessory company has a new initiative around Apple products: it's launching an iPhone app for travelers called Amble. The app makes use of the company's City Guides information to provide guidance to any number of locations of interest in whatever covered city you happen to be in. There's a social element as well, allowing you to share or browse locations sent across through social networks or from friends. And in-app purchases (from $10 to $15) allow for access to the actual City Guides information for cities like Paris or New York. The app itself is free (making it the cheapest thing Louis Vuitton has ever produced), and it's available on the App Store right now.

Of course, unless you really need these specific guides for some reason, there are probably other iPhone apps that will do the same thing (I like and use the Yelp app a lot for finding information about places while traveling). But if you can't afford that $1000 iPhone case, you can at least wrap your iPhone in something made by LV.

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