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The Plaza Hotel providing iPads for all guests

David Quilty

The Plaza Hotel in New York City is now providing all guests with iPads both in their rooms and in The Palm Court dining room, according to a report from Luxist. Started in January 2011, the program gives guests complete access to guest services like room service along with the ability to control room functions, such as lighting and AC, using Intelity's ICE (Interactive Customer Experience) software.

In talking to Luxist, the hotel's general manager Shane Krige explained "[The Plaza] chose the iPad because it is a great piece of equipment that is here to stay and won't disappear tomorrow. It brings another five star element to the hotel."

We previously reported on the popularity of iPads being implemented in restaurants, with owners of one steakhouse even crediting the iPad with playing a role in increasing their wine sales. I myself recently dined in a restaurant that brought an iPad to the table at the end of the meal with a survey installed on it. With political campaigns promising iPads, corporations giving them out as bonuses and even universities providing iPads to students, it was only a matter of time before the hotel industry dipped its toes into the world of the iPad. The Plaza Hotel claims to be the first in the world offering this type of service; I wonder who will be next?

Click Read More to check out video of the iPad in use at The Plaza Hotel. iOS users can watch the video on Vimeo here.

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