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Dell Streak gets Honeycomb SDK port, starting to look like a real tablet (update: video)

Vlad Savov

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Dell always told us the Streak was a tablet and not a phone, so it makes perfect sense to see Android's latest version, the tablet-friendly Honeycomb, ported over to its 5-inch slate. As usual with these builds, we're still at a very early stage, with the chap responsible for the hack noting that "no way is this close to release," but it's still rather exciting to see that brand new interface freshening up familiar pieces of kit. And hey, it's not like Dell itself is going to be delivering Android 3.0 anytime soon either, right? Click the source link to keep yourself updated on how this community port progresses.

Update: Looks like DJ_Steve got his hands on the build and made a quick video -- check it out after the break.

[Thanks, Chris]

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