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iControlPad, the physical controller for your iPhone, finally available for order


At long last, the iControlPad for iPhone is finally available for order, and it's shipping next week! We've had our eye on this thing since May of 2008, when an early prototype looked much different than the final product.

The iControlPad is a slide-on gaming attachment that clamps into place when attached to an iPhone, adding all the nifty gaming controllers that the cool kids want, like a D-Pad, buttons, analog nubs and two rear buttons. It also features upgradable firmware so that new features can be added and a battery that can charge your iPhone via USB while playing. As Engadget notes, not all games are supported, so keep that in mind.

The iControlPad will cost you US$74.99. Last August we saw that only 3,000 units will be built in the first run, so get your order in.

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