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iPad cutting board chopped down by Apple


Apple has pulled the plug on a cutting board designed to look like the iPad, according to the board's creator on his blog. Dean Kaplan had a lot of success with his iPhone and iPad stencils, and thought it would be clever to make a cutting board shaped like Apple's magical and revolutionary device. Unfortunately, Apple's lawyers came down on him a few months back, claiming that the wooden board's "likeness" to a certain electronic tablet was a problem. He thinks the whole thing's a little silly (and he's right -- no one's going to confuse a cutting board for an actual iPad), but he's not willing to test the waters with Apple's law sharks swimming around.

Apple has a history of shutting down products like this -- they also shut down the charming little eiPott, an iPod-shaped egg dish from Germany. There's probably more room for products like this than the creators allow Apple to claim, but then again, there's certainly a market for fake Apple devices. After the trouble they've had so far, Apple is probably being overly careful about just where its designs and "likenesses" are used.

[Hat tip to @JessicaGottlieb for spotting this]

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