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Microsoft shuffling execs to better compete with Apple


Microsoft is reportedly shuffling around its upper brass to better compete against Apple and Google. The company is removing long-serving executives from their positions and promoting senior engineers from areas within the company that are struggling.

This move is in response to pressure from Microsoft's Board of Directors, which is looking for the company to move away from the stagnant corporate culture of old and introduce new talent into its executive leadership.

The mobile phone division is one group that may benefit from these changes. Though Windows Phone was launched with much fanfare in October 2010, the mobile platform has failed to take off. Microsoft confirmed that it has sold two million licenses for its mobile OS, but this figure represents the number of handsets manufacturers intend to build, not the amount that have landed in the hands of consumers.

Quarterly sales figures for the end of 2010 also show that Windows Phone is trailing Android, iOS, BlackBerry and even the aging Windows Mobile.

[Via Electronista]

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